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Steam Cleaner MLA-SC241
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Steam Cleaner MLA-SC241

Serial number

Modelo: MLA-SC241

Rated Power: 2000W

Water tank capacity: 1200ML

Steam Temperature: 100-105℃

Cord Length: 5m

Heating Time: 3-5 Min

Maximum Use Time: 30 Min

Weight: 7.8 KG


Accesorios: 19 PCS

1. Lroning Brush

2. Glass Brush

3. Cloth For Ironing Brush *2

4. Big Steam Nozzle

5. Bent Nozzle

6. Measuring Cup

7. Small round brush *4

8.Round brush Stainless  *2


10.Towel of floor brush *2

11.Extension Tube *2

12.Floor brush

Product description


Why choose the MLMLANT steam cleaner?

  • Fully portable wheel design.
  • With removable trolley and convenient handle for moving and lifting.
  • Adjustable modes help you adjust the mop's steam level to your specific needs.
  • The 1.2 liter water tank heats up in less than 3 minutes and delivers steam for up to 30 minutes with the optional 
    lockable steam trigger for continuous steam cleaning.
  • Complete cleaning solution - attachments for almost every cleaning task in your home.
















Fabric Seats


Clean the Windows


Degrease Equipments

Clean your upholstery with steam and remove unwanted odors. Your car will never look and smell fresher!   Clean windows and doors can also be used in cars.   Disinfect and degrease kitchen equipment, counters, ovens, barbecues, sinks, etc.







Separable large-capacity tank:


The 1.2-liter water tank heats up in less than 3 minutes and delivers steam for up to 30 minutes with the optional lockable steam trigger for continuous steam cleaning.





• Please make sure that there is no residual water in the boiler before adding water. Pour out the remaining water and 

  clean the kettle. There is calcification inside, which can block the steam after a long time.


• Cleaning the kettle: First pour a small amount of water into the kettle, shake hands and pour out the water. Suggest

  that you can repeat the above steps if the water contains a lot of pollution.


• To get a first impression of steam, please fill in 0.5 l to 1.2 l water.


• Max water can be filled 1.2 l.


• Please screw the safety valve when water is filled.


• Do not splash any liquid other than clean water.





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