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BBQ Gloves MLA-PH111
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BBQ Gloves MLA-PH111

Serial number

Modelo: MLA-PH111

Size: L

Product Dimensions: 33 x 18 cm (13 x 7.1 in)

Weight: 290G

Maximum temperature::500℃(932°F)

Outer Material:layer of aramid fabric

Inner Material:100% cotton lining.

Surface Material:Anti-slip silicone

Gloves Length:33CM

Forearm Length:14CM


MLMLANT BBQ Gloves Extreme Heat Resistant, Oven Grilling Gloves High up to 800 ℃ / 1472 ℉, Grill Gloves with EN407 Certified for BBQ, Grill, Cooking, Baking, Welding and more!



Our Heat Resistant gloves are EN407 certified which means you're safe up to 932°F , protect you from all different kinds of heat, whether it's an open flame or it's a convective heat.



Our gloves can handle all uses whether they are outside being used for a BBQ Or being used to Baking bread in the kitchen. The MLMLANT Mitts are able to keep you pain free and safe from all kinds of heat.


Extend long forearm protection,fully protect your hands and arm.

Machine washable for easy to clean.

Non-slip silicone, no worry about slipping from your hands

Product description




Flexible and comfortable

With the silicone gloves with 5 separate fingers, you can move more comfortably and flexibly. They allow you to keep different

types of hot food safe and stable.



Protect your hands and fingers without losing your grip !!





MLMLANT cooking gloves consist of 3 layers of different materials and functions.


The first layer is coated with non-toxic silicone for reasons of slip resistance.


Second layer made of solid aramid fiber for high heat, cut, acid and alkali resistance.


The inner layer is made of heat-resistant polyester cotton for double protection and breathing.




Don't get burned anymore !!


Excellent heat resistance:

The MLMLANT pot holders are made of 100% cotton and aramid fibers and are extremely heat-resistant and durable.


Non-slip and rope design:

The silicone texture on the surface of the waterproof gloves offers non-slip protection. Don't worry about falling when picking up food or the like.








Ultimate heat and flame protection



Use as a potholder, grill gloves, cooking gloves, fireplace. Can also be used as a flame protection glove or wood stove glove   Easily set the logs in the flame and stir the coals, move hot grates and pans, easy and convenient to your grill.  
Machine washable and hand washable make it easy to clean.
DO NOT use with steam or if the gloves get wet. These gloves are NOT waterproof



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