Can the much-vaunted steam cleaner really kill bacteria?

Can the much-vaunted steam cleaner really kill bacteria?

With the deterioration of the global environment, more and more functional home appliances are emerging in the market. This year, there is a "steam cleaning machine" product appeared in China's home appliance market, a time, dozens of mainstream brands of nearly 100 models mushroomed, high-end department stores, online malls everywhere. So whether the "steam cleaning machine" that businesses are hot and consumers are after can really kill bacteria?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the principle of steam cleaning and sterilization: the water that can be easily accessed by urban residents is rapidly heated at high temperature, and then the mist "dry steam" is formed, and then it is sprayed to the surface of the object to be cleaned and some difficult to clean gaps through strong pressure, so as to disintegrate the stain and steam and kill bacteria.

According to research, 61.5 can kill pathogenic streptococcus, 80 can kill most plant bacteria, yeast, mold and all viruses except hepatitis B, and most bacteria can not survive in an environment higher than 130, it can be seen that the key to sterilization is the temperature of the steam.

The German authority DAkkS Laboratories has carried out experiments on the steam cleaning machine of the German brand Kechi and confirmed that the product can kill 99.99% of the bacteria common in the home. The continuous high temperature steam of more than 140 and the pressure of more than 3 bar completely destroy the living environment of bacteria and achieve deep cleaning.

The concept of "healthy environment sterilization" has been widely accepted in Europe and the United States, and with the launch of the German Kach 2014 steam sterilization year project, the cleaning concept of "steam sterilization" has been introduced into the Chinese market, and more and more people, especially families in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, have begun to use this new type of household appliances to steam sterilization of kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, children's toys, tableware, etc. Bactericidal effectiveness up to 99.99%.