How a steam cleaner works
The working principle of the steam cleaner is to use the steam generated at high temperature to accelerate the movement of resistant molecules on the dirt surface and destroy the binding force between them to achieve the purpose of eliminating various stubborn stains. It uses a special steam generation system with a water pump. It can quickly convert clean water into powerful steam with high temperature and high pressure within 30 seconds. At the same time, various bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens attached to objects are completely eliminated. It comes with a variety of functional and convenient accessories such as nozzles and brushes. It is an environmentally friendly concept that does not require any chemical reagents and has high efficiency in rapid decontamination and sterilization. It is widely used for sterilization, dust removal, decontamination, oil removal, and odor removal, and is suitable for use in units and families.
The steam cleaning machine has a unique cleaning effect and is a good choice for modern cleaning; it is equipped with a variety of accessories with different functions and uses. With the powerful degreasing and cleaning power of steam, it can remove bacteria, microorganisms and tiny impurities. The steam brush can directly Used for daily cleaning of floors, it can thoroughly clean door and window glass, mirrors, sofas, floors, bathroom appliances and many corners that are difficult to clean every day. It can also clean kitchen utensils, such as gas stoves, range hoods, etc., and can also iron clothes, making it a good assistant for housewives. This product has been sold abroad for many years. More than 95% of households in developed countries in Europe and the United States use steam cleaners as an ideal cleaning appliance for daily home use, and are accepted by consumers. But people in China have just gotten to know it.